watchSmart watches have been in the market for a long time. Today they have become smarter and people are actively buying them. Pebble and Apple are known to produce the best smart watches in terms of technology and build. However, if you see both, technology and economy, Samsung gear is the most popular one in the market. Before you buy one for yourself, thoroughly compare the smart watches available within your budget range. Only after a lot of comparison, buy one that will suit all your needs. Smart watches were once the technology associated primarily with geeky guys.

Today almost all guys and girls are using it. Office going people find it very useful as it acts as your best friend throughout the entire day. It will provide you with all necessary notifications and keep you updated about anything you want. They are no longer just an accessory they have much to perform today. They can run apps, GPS is also available, Smartphone notification features are present in them too, you can monitor your heart rate, etc. there are many more unique features you will find in different smart watches. Just have a thorough comparison on and you are all set to buy one for yourself.

However, before you go on comparing you must know what to look for. Unless you know what a smart watch is actually meant for, you will not be able to make a satisfactory buy. Start by looking for a smart watch that offers good device compatibility. Google’s operating system designed especially for these wearable is also available. The latest smart watches have iOS compatible features as well. Android apps were already there and totally compatible for smart watches. However, smart watches are still android centric devices. If you have got an android phone, your smart watch will offer great compatibility features.

Most of these watches offer a full fledged app store facility. You can even book your uber using your smart watch. Use a calculator, find your location and get all necessary reminders from time to time and much more. Apple and Pebble have captured the smart watch market to a great extent. You will love their product. Though they are a bit expensive their cutting edge technology has made everything better. Smart watches can also track your fitness routine. This is one of the most incredible features why people love it. It can track your steps, heart rate, etc. Some of the smart watches can also track your run.

Now you will have your fitness tracker every time with you. Good battery life is also very important. They are available in many different colours. Mostly they come with a leather belt. You can have lots of filters in their looks. Look for a smart watch that has good battery life, smart design as well as all the latest features. They are available in different price range also. After comparing the features, go on for the desired price range. Do not keep your budget as the primary feature, as you will miss out many features in that way.

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