mold_test_mainThere are high chances of the existence of mold still after mold removal at times. Your home is unsafe to live when there is mold in it. If the seriousness of mold is high then it is better to leave the home while the complete mold remediation process occurs and to prevent any health infections. It is not a simple process to take away the mold on your own. The mold spreads everywhere in your home even to unnoticeable places within 24 hours of time. You must hire a professional mold removal company that contains the required equipment and well-trained workers to remove the mold completely.

For picking the mold removal company you have so many options available. If you are not willing to ask reference with anyone, you can find on your own on the internet. For example, if you want to hire a professional company in Atlanta, then type in the search box as mold removal Atlanta. The search engine lists down the various mold remediation firms in Atlanta and you must compare them and hire the best company among them. If you want to hire a reliable company easily then you can check for reference with your friends or relatives.

Dr. Jack Thrasher a leading toxicologist and the author of the article “The Biocontaminants and Complexity of Damp Indoor Spaces: More Than What Meets the Eyes” says that you can do water intrusion to remediate your home successfully when contaminated with water and fungus. It is tough to remove mold from homes and buildings because of the tough structures.

Mold, fungus and its byproducts can easily spread through the dust and be present in the dust found in every nook and corner. For instance, the areas where you normally do not clean like refrigerator insulated coils, carpets that you vacuumed rarely, wall cavities and under carpeting etc. Some examples of mold infection are given below.

There are two buildings in a city and it was mold remediated before the testing process. Also before the testing, the buildings were painted and cleaned. The air sampling results from the building proved the hidden fungal spores in the building. There was fungal and bacterial growth in the buildings. One occupant in the building has constant food-like poisoning that is caused by a bacterium called bacillus cereus. The building moisture content was increased from 58% to 98% in both of the buildings. The workers in the building were inhaling the spores of Stachybotrys and its finer particles.

Mold in a house was remediated twice. Moisture test depicts that moisture in the house was occurring through cement slabs with multiple cracks. Windows in the house have high levels of moisture content below it. Test for wall cavity fungi report was positive. The dust samples collected from carpet, living area and kitchen cabinet dust where the samples contain different species type of Penicillium and Aspergillus. From this, you can understand when removing the mold you should notice the cement slabs in particular when there are cracks. Also, you must verify below each window in your home for mold.

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